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JJ from MAFS UK defends cheating on Bianca, saying he ‘only knew her for 12 days’

He felt like a ‘shell of himself’

On Monday night’s episode of MAFS UK JJ was exposed for cheating on Bianca with Ella, who also cheated on her spouse. The fallout caused Bianca, Ella, and JJ to leave the experiment, although it looks like Ella and he are returning tonight. JJ explained in a TikTok live about his actions on MAFS UK, explaining that he “didn’t drag it out, I knew Bianca for 12 days.”

Talking more about his actions on the show he went on to say that felt like the situation was a “lose-lose for me”. JJ said: “Trust me that dinner party was the toughest two days ever. I was a shell of myself, sat there with a face like, I didn’t want anything to happen like that and I found it really difficult.”

JJ made it clear during his time on MAFS UK that Bianca wasn’t his “usual type”, admitting during one of the show’s commitment ceremonies that he prefers “girls that have had a lot of work done.” The couple have not even kissed, including on their honeymoon with JJ insisting he wanted to take a new approach on the show to his usual dating style.

He said: “My normal type is slightly different to Bianca, it’s been like girls that have had a lot of work done and they kind of all look the same. In this experiment, I wanted something deeper and more emotional.”

Since leaving MAFS UK Bianca has put out a statement on her Instagram explaining her experience on the show. She explained how she went into the experiment with a “very open heart ready to give it my all,” but “unfortunately this wasn’t meant to be.”

Bianca wrote: “From the very beginning, I went into this experiment with a very open heart ready to give it my all. I trusted the experts and hoped that they would find me a man who was ready for love, a future, and a family, unfortunately, this wasn’t meant to be.

“Although the outcome wasn’t what I wanted to experience, I still learned a lot about myself and know what is and isn’t right for me. Know your worth and never stay where you no longer feel valued, appreciated, or loved.

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