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Erica accuses her MAFS UK co-stars of being ‘full of sh*t’ and acting different on camera

Her co-stars told her ‘not to be an extra’

MAFS UK has been full of drama this week, and for some reason, everyone seems to be blindly attacking Erica and Jordan for stating their opinions?! And Erica has already clashed with some of the other brides after Tasha called her “a tramp” following a row on spa day. But now Erica has spoken out about what she really thinks of the MAFS UK cast, and what they’re really like behind the camera.

She thinks her co-stars are “full of sh*t” and explained that “some people are different to what they are on camera.”

Erica described how “Bianca and I came in on the same day and I feel like we definitely didn’t have the same welcoming. I don’t know why it was weird. The group was just a bit taken aback and they were a bit territorial about their space and their men.

“You know what girls can be like with new girls coming in, so I kind of really felt that from a lot of the girls and you will probably see there was a bit of mean girl energy going on very, very quickly.”

Erica continued saying “I wasn’t that nervous going in, I was OK, but when I actually got in there I was like, ‘Oh god. I can literally feel the energy throughout the room.’ It was so weird.

“There are some people who are different from what they are on camera and actually watching it back, I’m like ‘You’re so full of s**t.’ It’s so strange. I remember coming in and being told, ‘You don’t want to be a side character’ and, ‘Don’t be an extra.'”

Erica and Jordan had a tense moment in MAFS UK this week when they had to tell each other what they didn’t like about each other. They ended up having a heated argument after Jordan was trying to defend himself when Erica branded him boring.

Jordan claimed Erica was always quick to highlight his flaws and could not recall the last time she complimented him. However, she did not take his comments very well and replied “But do I make you feel like that, or is that how you feel deep down?”

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