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Luke claims some of the other MAFS UK grooms are acting by pretending to be ‘nice guys’

‘If I was fake I wouldn’t be like Marmite I would be the golden boy’

Luke has been involved in a lot of MAFS UK drama this week both off and on-screen. Off-screen he’s been majorly feuding with Jordan and the two have been making non-stop petty social media videos about each other. On this week’s episodes of MAFS UK Luke talked about his relationship worries with Georges, telling his co-star he’s worried he’s “walking all over” Jay and needs someone who can “put him in his place”.

And it seems like Luke knows his behaviour can make people either hate or love him as he compares himself to Marmite, alongside saying that he thought he was “100 per cent himself” unlike some of the other grooms who he claims are “pretending to be nice guys.”

Luke took to his Instagram story to do a Q&A with his 104k followers. He was asked “What did you learn about yourself by doing MAFS UK? And is there anything you feel you need to work on?” Luke replied writing, “That it’s okay as a man to show emotion. I need to work on some examples I give. I tend to use the worst-case example and that leads people to misinterpret what I actually mean.”

He continued to answer questions from fans, with another asking if Luke had “any regrets from MAFS UK?” Luke confidently replied saying that he had “no regrets at all. I was 100 per cent myself and if I had done anything differently it would mean I wasn’t being true to who I am.

“I could have easily played the perfect character that never said anything controversial, and pretended I was this nice guy like some of the other cast did. But I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for someone I’m not.

“Not one person can say I was fake because if I was fake I wouldn’t be like Marmite I would be the golden boy.” I never thought I would hear Luke compare himself to Marmite but I suppose he is right, you either love or hate him!

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