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MAFS UK Bianca

Bianca reveals ‘a lot’ is edited on MAFS UK and that she doesn’t hold ‘any grudges’

She would have coupled up with either Georges or Paul

The queen Bianca left MAFS UK earlier this week after she found out that JJ and Ella had been seeing each other in secret behind their spouses’ backs. And since leaving the show she’s been living her best life on nights out, focusing on her business and going on boujee holidays. Bianca took to her Instagram to answer her followers’ questions on her experience on MAFS UK.

If you’re a fan of Bianca you might be wondering what her relationship status is, and she’s currently single! She says that she’s not “actively looking right now” but she hopes she “does find love.”

Bianca’s time on the show, although short, was a very stressful and upsetting one for her. One follower asked her “How are you after everything that has happened?” she replied writing: “I’m okay, rejection is a massive self-esteem knock but I do also feel stronger. It’s weird I spent months being extremely anxious about the show airing because I was dreading my storyline coming out to the nation, but the support I’ve received has been incredible.

“When you watch the show it brings back raw emotions. I had been given plenty of help and support since I left the show as I struggled to begin with but feel so much better now.”

Bianca also revealed that “a lot” is edited out from the filming of the show, and that they finished filming MAFS UK in May.

She said that she “wouldn’t do anything differently” but admitted that maybe she was “too nice and should have put my foot down sooner.” She described how she “showed her kindness, vulnerability and fierceness” and is “very proud of myself for doing what I did.”

Bianca was married to JJ on the show, but we all know that didn’t end too well. She was asked, “if you could have coupled up with any of the other husbands on MAFS UK who would it be and why?” Bianca revealed that it either would have been “Paul or Georges. Paul because he’s a soft soul and seems like he’s willing to make a relationship work. Georges because he’s very manly and seems to have good banter.”

Maybe Bianca will come back to MAFS UK for the next season!

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