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MAFS UK Bianca

Bianca says she probably wouldn’t return to MAFS UK as she’d be ‘too scared’

She said she ‘wouldn’t want the same situation to happen again’

Bianca really has become the nation’s sweetheart, and there are a lot of us who feel like she should get justice for her time on the show by being able to participate in the next season of MAFS UK. But in a series of Q&As on her Instagram Bianca has pretty much confirmed she won’t be returning to MAFS UK as she’d be “too scared for the same situation happening.”

One follower asked, “Would you consider going back on the next season?” Bianca replied, “If I’m being honest. Probably not. I’d be too scared for the same situation to happen. Plus, I’d have to do the marriage again which my family would need to take part in, and I don’t think I want to put them through that again.”

Bianca also answered questions about who she would have married if she could pick from the grooms, and whether or not she has forgiven JJ and Ella for their behavior during MAFS UK. She said she would have picked either “Georges or Paul. Paul because he’s a soft soul and seems like he’s willing to make a relationship work. Georges because he’s very manly and seems to have good banter.”

As for whether she’s forgiven Ella and JJ she said there are “no grudges here. I wish them the best moving forward.”

Our favourite MAFS UK bride Bianca sadly left the show after Monday’s episode when she and JJ both voted to leave the experiment. Bianca found out last week that JJ and Ella were seeing each other behind their spouses’ backs, and decided to leave the experiment at the commitment ceremony.

In an Instagram post she spoke about her time on the show, explaining how she went into the experiment with a “very open heart ready to give it my all,” but “unfortunately this wasn’t meant to be.”

Bianca wrote: “From the very beginning, I went into this experiment with a very open heart ready to give it my all. I trusted the experts and hoped that they would find me a man who was ready for love, a future, and a family, unfortunately, this wasn’t meant to be.

“Although the outcome wasn’t what I wanted to experience, I still learned a lot about myself and know what is and isn’t right for me. Know your worth and never stay where you no longer feel valued, appreciated, or loved.

Since Bianca’s departure JJ and Ella have been allowed to return to the experiment as a couple, despite what some experts and former grooms might think about that decision.

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