Here’s why Luke left the dinner party early on last night’s chaotic MAFS UK episode

He wishes he had been able to stay to ‘protect Jay’

Last night’s MAFS UK episode was very chaotic, and for what was supposed to be a relaxing retreat there’s not a lot of relaxing going on! But MAFS UK groom Luke had to leave the dinner party early after telling Jay that he felt unwell and now we know why.

Luke took to his Instagram story to explain why he had to leave the dinner party early, explaining that he had to go to the hospital because of “dangerously high blood pressure.” He wrote in his story “The reason I wasn’t at the dinner party was because I had to leave to go to the hospital as my blood pressure was dangerously high (stroke territory).”

He then spoke about how he wishes he had “refused to go the hospital” so that he could have protected Jay. He said, “I wish I was there to protect Jay Howard! The thought of people taking advantage of her because they knew I wasn’t there and she was vulnerable makes my blood boil. In my vows, I promised to protect her and I wish I refused to go to the hospital so I could have done that.”


Via Instagram @lukeworley1

This could have been Luke’s last week on MAFS UK, as he revealed on his Instagram story that he “slaps” Jordan on Monday’s episode. Channel 4 bosses are said to have removed Luke from the show with immediate effect following the incident, in which he “shocked both cast and crew with his aggressive behaviour”. The physical fight has apparently been caught on camera, and Jordan has reportedly been allowed to stay on the show, as it was Luke who is said to have instigated the incident.

Hopefully Luke is feeling better!

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