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Omg, Luke has confirmed that he slaps Jordan on Monday night’s MAFS UK episode!

He called Jordan a ‘p*ssy’

After it was reported that Luke was going to be axed from MAFS UK after fighting with Jordan we’ve all been wondering when the fight is going to happen. The tensions have been simmering on and off-screen, with Jordan and Luke having a never-ending feud on their socials. And now Luke has revealed on his Instagram story that the fight is going to happen on Monday’s MAFS UK episode.

He wrote in his Instagram story “If you upset my wife you will know about it… Tune in on Monday to see me slap Jordan the p*ssy.”


Via Instagram @lukeworley1

Channel 4 bosses are said to have removed Luke from the show with immediate effect following the incident, in which he “shocked both cast and crew with his aggressive behaviour”. The physical fight has apparently been caught on camera, and Jordan has reportedly been allowed to stay on the show, as it was Luke who is said to have instigated the incident.

A show insider told MailOnline: “Luke and Jordan struggled to get along from the moment they met, but no one was expecting them to clash like they eventually did. The cast attend a couples’ retreat and during dinner things got particularly heated between them and later they come to blows inside Jordan’s apartment.

“Channel 4 bosses had no choice but eject Luke from the programme, which consequently ended his wife Jay’s time in the process… as per the show’s rules you enter as a couple and leave as a couple. The fight was caught on camera, meaning there’s every chance it could be shown in the most explosive scenes ever to be aired on Married at First Sight UK.”

A Channel 4 spokesperson added: ‘The wellbeing of cast and crew is our utmost priority at all times throughout production and beyond. During filming, an altercation occurred between two cast members which was defused immediately by the crew. All contributors involved were offered appropriate support.”

Brace yourselves everyone, I think Monday’s MAFS UK episode is going to be wild.

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