Expert Paul admits MAFS UK ‘needs to do better’ as fans call the show ‘a sham’

He also defended the show saying ‘MAFS UK delivers more relationships than any other dating show’

There seems to be a new batch of drama every episode of MAFS UK, leading many to wonder whether the show focuses more on creating drama than fostering genuine relationships between couples. MAFS UK expert Paul has recently responded to an accusation made by a fan on Twitter who claimed that the whole show had become “a sham” and added that it has become “about viewership, not relationships.”

Paul responded and acknowledged that the experts need to do better, but also defended the dating show. He wrote: “I read nearly all of your comments, take notes on areas we need to improve, and share them with production as well as the channel.

“That said, I believe the show strikes a balance. MAFS UK delivers more relationships than any other dating/love show and our viewership continues to grow.

“So, do we need to do better, yes. Are we a sham, far from it.”

Another fan replied to his response arguing that “Any relationship show that welcomes cheaters back as a new couple is absolutely a sham. It has ruined it this year.”

Paul has previously spoken out about his opinion on letting Ella and JJ return to the show after they cheated on their spouses with each other. Paul was responding to a tweet that asked him “I can’t believe the experts have allowed this to happen. Why are we validating poor behaviour? Just for ratings?” Paul then tweeted back explaining, “There are people that make the decision and we don’t all agree. That’s all I have to say on this matter.”

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