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Ella MAFS UK Vinted

Ella has a Vinted page where she’s selling her MAFS UK wedding dress for £2,500

A portion of the proceeds are going to transgender charities Not A Phase and Mermaids

Are you actually getting married this year? Well, why not get the actual wedding dress that Ella wore on her MAFS UK wedding day to wear on yours? That’s right, Ella from MAFS UK now has her own Vinted account where she’s exclusively selling dresses and other outfits that she wore on the dating show.

She currently has 628 followers on the app, and her bio describes her as “The Queen herself all the way from Married at First Sight.” And if some of the prices are a bit out of your price range don’t worry, Ella states she’s “open to offers” but doesn’t offer any “refunds or returns.” And by purchasing from her Vinted you’re also donating to charity as she writes that a “portion of the proceeds are donated to transgender charities Not A Phase and Mermaids.”

Ella MAFS UK Vinted

Via Vinted

One of the most highly requested items of clothing Ella put on her Vinted was the first to sell, and it’s the pink dress she wore to the dinner party where her and JJ’s affair was exposed. The dress was originally sold on Asos for £95 but Ella listed it on her Vinted page for £250, and it has since sold.

Ella also has three other dresses listed on her Vinted, including her actual wedding dress! She’s selling the Rosa Clara Couture Sabela wedding dress for £2,500 and included some cute pictures of her getting emotional the first time she tried it on!

Ella MAFS UK Vinted

Via Vinted/Channel 4

The other two dresses she’s selling are the Dollshouse Fiesta dress which Ella wore once to the MAFS UK hen party, and a starfish-themed dress which fans will recognise as the dress Ella wore for the press shoots. The feather dress retails for £390 brand new and Ella is selling it for £250, and it has only been worn once!

Via Vinted/Channel 4

The starfish dress is £200.90 brand new and on Ella’s Vinted page, it’s listed for £100, and looks like such a gorgeous dress for special events.

The two charities a portion of the proceeds are going to are Not A Phase and Mermaids, both charities that focus on transgender people. Not A Phase is described as a “trans-led, grassroots charity committed to uplifting and improving the lives of trans adults, through awareness campaigning, social projects and funding trans lead initiatives.”

Mermaids has been “supporting transgender, nonbinary and gender diverse children since 1995.” And since then it has evolved into one of the UK’s leading LGBTQ+ charities, empowering thousands of people with its secure online communities.”

All of the pieces on Ella’s Vinted page made her look stunning on the show, I want all her dresses. Maybe I’ll plan my own fake wedding just so I can buy the dress! And Ella’s not the only MAFS UK cast member with a Vinted page, Adrienne has one too.

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