From secret tattoos to plans after MAFS UK: Rozz reveals all in Instagram Q&A

I simply need to know everything about this woman

Who doesn’t love Rozz? She’s one of the MAFS UK cast members who has grown on me so much throughout her time on the show. I’m obsessed with learning more about her and as if she knew, she blessed us all with a massive Instagram Q&A where she answered some juicy questions.

She covered a lot of topics from sex and spirituality to what she wants to get up to after MAFS UK has finished. Let’s dive into her answers and see what she has to say!

How did Rozz deal with all the drama on MAFS UK?

One fan asked Rozz, “How did you find navigating all the drama? It was nice that you didn’t get involved with any of it.” She responded by saying that she was “never there for any drama. I just want to focus on my own relationship! I understand they are all strong characters, but I just love peace and harmony.

“I want everyone to get on always. I don’t necessarily have to fall out to show people how I feel, my face does that!”

What did she actually think when Thomas brought her sex toys?

After last night’s dinner party, there was a certain buzzing noise that could be heard from Rozz and Thomas’ end of the table… So in the spirit of that, someone asked “What was your face behind the scenes when Thomas brought you sex toys?” Rozz replied that she was “Overjoyed.” Iconic.

She went on to write that “Adult toys and intimacy is a taboo subject for some I get that. For me it’s not, it’s a normal thing. Everyone does it, we all have needs, and who doesn’t want an amazing sex life?” Truer words have never been said, I think Rozz should become a sex therapist at this rate.

Everyone is wondering what Rozz is going to do after MAFS UK ends, and a follower asked her “What are your career plans post MAFS UK? Back to normal life or something in the limelight?” Rozz wrote that her “career is whatever it’s supposed to be. I will always run my florist business, it’s my passion.

“Will I look at new ventures and career plans that come my way? Yes, if it’s my path it will come and all my decisions will follow after that.

“Live life as a free soul, follow your dreams make choices on your terms and aim to be the best version of yourself always.

“Manifest all that you want to be and become and let’s just wait and see.”

She also has a secret tattoo?!

Rozz’s Q&A also revealed that she has two tattoos and that her favourite part of the experiment was “meeting all the new faces.” She explained how “Learning about myself, seeing who I can be on my own. I appreciate everything that has come my way and all the beautiful souls I’ve connected with!”

With every new fact I learn about this woman, I love her more and more, now to find out what her two tattoos are!

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