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Arthur met up with ex just weeks before getting married to Laura on MAFS UK

The two hadn’t spoken for a year

Meeting up with your ex is never a good idea, but that’s exactly what Arthur from MAFS UK did just weeks before his wedding to Laura.

Arthur revealed he was visited by his ex-girlfriend just weeks before he began the experiment with his wife Laura Vaughan. The MAFS UK groom explained that his “ex came to see me about a month before the show started. We hadn’t spoken for over a year before that, so she picked the wrong time.

“She came to see me just to talk about things and I did mention [the show] to her. She just laughed it off. Yeah, she was like, ‘Arthur, I can’t wait to see you on TV’.”

As for the rest of Arthur’s loved ones, he says his friends “loved” that he was going on the show, while his parents were less understanding.

He continued: “My mates loved the idea of me doing something out of the ordinary, something wild. They were like, ‘Arthur, listen, you’ve been single for two and a half years. You’ve been hurt before. Why not do something different just to see where the life takes you’.

“My parents were a little bit funny, they’re a bit more traditional about things like that. But they’ve learned to like it. It’s the best thing I’ve done.”

Explaining why he signed up for the show, Arthur said he wanted to “find love.”

He said: “It’s all about finding love. I’ve been single for the past two and a half years and it really hadn’t worked out for me on the outside world. So, I thought to myself, why not do something out of the ordinary? It’s a wild experience.

“We trust the experts and it’s all about learning about yourself, accepting yourself, accepting your insecurities. And I met a lot of amazing people along the way. It was a massive learning curve.”

Looks like if things don’t work out for Laura and Arthur then maybe he’ll get back with his ex!

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