Glasgow’s West End has been named one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world

Move over, southside

Ever wonder what is it that makes a cool neighbourhood?

Votes are in, and it is arguably a place with booming culture, nightlife, cute wee cafes, and an overall good sense of community… all of which perfectly come together to “make Glasgow”.

The West End has come back to reclaim its title as the coolest neighbourhood in Glasgow. This year, Glasgow’s beautiful West End has been crowned the place to be, as it was in the top 20 of the “coolest” neighbourhoods in the world by Time Out.

With its healthy combination of students, families, and creative talent in this part of the city, the West End provides a perfect place for a thriving cultural community and sense of belonging. This part of the metropolitan city has become more global than ever with its booming street cafes, local parks, and busy bars.

The “posher”, idyllic area of Glasgow, then, has become an ever-evolving place for its renowned music scene, second-hand bookshops and vintage clothing sales, as well as Glasgow’s best commodity, its kind people. Alongside the University of Glasgow and Kelvingrove Museum’s gothic essence you have trendy wee cafes and up-and-coming restaurants, where the buzz never dies down no matter if you’re on a break from uni or on a walk around the area.

Deservingly so, Glasgow’s West End has ranked top 20 in the coolest neighbourhoods, and one of the “most exciting places to be”; which is probably due to the local businesses on Great Western and Byres Road.  Glasgow’s gorgeous West End has it all, from quiet autumnal walks along the Kelvin, to concerts in the Oran Mor and Michelin star dinners in Cail Bruich.

This perfect blend of affordable dinners in Paesano’s and discounted drinks on Ashton Lane are what makes this area of the city keep its local businesses and subtle charm. Being able to escape the hustling city into the West End’s botanical gardens or jump into a spin class along Byres Road is precisely what makes Glasgow a great concoction offering you art, history, nature, nightlife, fitness, and so much more.

Other UK spots to pinch the top 20 included Smithfield in Ireland, Leith in Edinburgh, and the Baltic Triangle in Liverpool.

On you go, Glasgow.

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