Couldn’t make it to Cardiff’s Fight Night 2023? Well, here’s everything you missed

Cardiff Uni won the event overall

As promised Cardiff Fight Night 2023 was a truly great show with nine gruelling matches.

Cardiff University in the Red corner, Cardiff Met and USW in the Blue, both sides fought hard, but only one university came out victorious.

Lexie Gutteridge, Cardiff University student, told The Tab: “Fight Night this year did not disappoint. An epic atmosphere, with some even more epic fights, can’t wait for the next one!”

Fight one:

This was a Blue win to start off the night, it was an unfortunate loss for Mo Rizwan in the Red Corner against Jacob Newman in the Blue.

Fight two:

A Cardiff University win. Paris Gill for Red vs Alex Herbert for Blue.

After an intense fight Cardiff took the win for the women in this one.

When asked about this fight, one Cardiff Met student said: “It’s a great fight, but blues have got to take the win”.

Fight three:

This was a Cardiff University win from Alex Oliver fighting against Joel Hardiman for Blue. By fight three, Cardiff University seemed to be pulling into the lead for fights won.

Fight four:

This was a lucky win for the Blue Corner through forfeit with Finn Osbourne for Cardiff University losing to Sunni Bahi (cannot currently confirm reason for forfeit).

Fight five:

This was yet another Cardiff University win from Ciara Aldous winning against Jodie Speller.

Fight six:

This fight brought the Blue Corner’s wins up to three, it was a loss for Cardiff University’s Alex Gibson against Jack Watkins.

Fight seven:

To add to the suspense of the night it was a draw between Oscar Hamilton-Roderick (Cardiff University) against Gilles Basson.

Fight eight:

A smashing win from Conner Chesser.

Fight nine:

In the final fight, a win from Tom Jenkins.

After nine fights, there could only be one University that came out on top. The 2023 Fight night winner was Cardiff University fighting for the Red corner.

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