Bianca MAFS UK

Everything our icon Bianca has been up to since leaving MAFS UK

I’m so obsessed with her life

Even though she’s left MAFS UK, Bianca is still queen in our hearts and souls. She didn’t have the best of times on the show, although even though she wasn’t on MAFS UK for long, she completely won all of us over. It’s been one month since MAFS UK ended, so what has Bianca been up to?

From hanging out with the rest of the MAFS UK cast to enjoying iconic-looking nights out in Machester, here’s everything Bianca has been up to since leaving MAFS UK.

Enjoying boujee hotel stays

Bianca has been enjoying some staycations in Manchester, and staying in some pretty boujee hotels. Very jealous of those pastries, they look absolutely delicious.

Looking stunning on nights out

If there’s one thing Bianca is always going to do, it’s slay. She always looks absolutely flawless and I need to know her makeup routine asap, please. Also, can we peep the Prada shoulder bag that currently retails for £1,650 on their website… Bianca is thriving.

She still hangs out with her fellow MAFS UK co-stars

It actually warms my heart that so many of the cast still hang out together. Bianca is closest with Adrienne and Nathanial as well as Junaid from TOWIE, with the three of them often going on iconic nights out in Manchester together.

Bianca is really out here living her best life, and I’m genuinely so happy for her. I can’t wait to see what she does next!

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