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Here’s all the evidence that Rozz and Thomas from MAFS UK are secretly back together

Please let it be true

I’m still heartbroken over Rozz and Thomas from MAFS UK, so I have to live vicariously through evidence that the two of them might have got back together.

Though the two of them maintain that they are just friends, there have been some hints that maybe there’s something more going on between them. From day trips to dinner with the parents, here’s all the evidence that Rozz and Thomas from MAFS UK are secretly back together.

Dinner and a play with Rozz’s parents

Rozz recently took her parents to see The Time Traveller’s Wife in London, and Thomas came along as well. The four of them had dinner together, and all looked very close.

In a joint caption, Rozz wrote: “I took my amazing parents to London to see The Time Traveller’s Wife. Thank you so much for the tickets the evening was perfect. It was lovely catching up with @championtalent and @thomaskriaras! Thank you for a lovely Thursday/Friday.”

While Thomas added: “I had such a good time spending time with @rozzdarlington and her fam! I’m never not laughing when I see ya, somehow we made the musical a comedy, think that’s just our humour though! Drinks, laughter and fun! That’s how our catch-ups go. And of course you’d catch the bouquet of flowers, you florist.”

Everyone looks so happy in these photos it’s making me tear up.

Rozz sent Thomas one of her wreath-making kits

Rozz owns her own flower business, and she adorably sent Thomas one of her kits. Could be a cute little activity for them to do together!

Relived their honeymoon by going skiing together

Thomas and Rozz decided to relive their MAFS UK honeymoon together by going indoor skiing. The pictures are just too much, I know they probably are just friends but I need some hope in my life to keep me going. I’m still rooting for Thomas and Rozz all the way.

They’re always supporting each other on Instagram

Regardless of their relationship status, these two are always supporting each other on Instagram, congratulating each other on their achievements and generally being very wholesome!

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