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Matt Rife compared women’s genitals to looking like chewing gum in podcast

‘I don’t want to look down and feel like god left the tag on you’

Surprise, surprise, Matt Rife has once again made disgusting comments about women and their bodies that literally nobody asked his opinion on.

Matt Rife appeared on a podcast earlier this year and made comments not only about the size of women’s genitals, but also about women’s appearances in general and why he thinks they have to have “big boobs.”

Matt appeared on the Stiff Socks podcast with hosts Trevor Wallace and Michael Blaustein in February 2023. He first discussed the size of women’s genitals, saying: “Am I supposed to f*ck you or thumb wrestle you? I don’t love a giant clit. I don’t want to look down and feel like God left the tag on you. I don’t want your p*ssy to look like the gum from Sausage Party.”


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Later on in the podcast, Matt Rife commented that he was “about to break the internet” before saying that he “really doesn’t love how p*ssy looks.” One of the hosts then said that most of them “look like a smashed granola bar.”

Matt then went on to talk about the size of women’s breasts, explaining that if the girl he’s dating doesn’t have “big boobs” he’ll look at other girls who will. He said: “If I’m going to date a girl, not just sleep with her, but actually date her she has to have boobs. Like has to. It’s something I know I’m attracted to, and it’s something where if she doesn’t have that I know I’ll catch myself looking at other women who do have that.”

A girl posted the clip of the podcast on TikTok and she doesn’t know “why men like to go on podcasts and say stuff like this. Not only are you going to get fewer girls, less people are going to like you. Why would any girl want to get with you if they think you’re judging their vagina? Grow up.”

The majority of comments under the video are men defending him, saying that he’s “just a comedian.” One person commented: “All these ladies talking like they have a chance with Matt rife to begin with. He has a type ladies, if you’re offended it’s because you’re not it.”

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