The battle for the York BNOC 2023 crown continues: Vote in round two NOW

You know what to do

Round two of BNOC 2023 is here! In round one we met some incredible nominees and loads of you have been voting, so lets see what round two has to offer.

Votes from this article and the poll over on our Instagram Story @theyorktab will count towards crowing your winner, so get your votes in to decide who goes through to the final.

Without further ado, here are your contestants for round two:

Alex Pelling

Course: English Literature

Year: Second

First up is second year English student, Alex. According to his nominations, he “knows EVERYONE”.

Alex is also the President of York’s Octopush society (it’s underwater hockey, ooo fancy), and can apparently teleport because according to one nomination he: “just spawns in everywhere, I can’t explain it”.

Harry Smith

Course: Electronic Engineering with Music

Year: Second

Second year electronic engineering student Harry “Garry” Smith “drinks enough Yorkshire tea to fill the campus lake (and then some)”. Enough said.

According to legend, he can play Wonderwall on his guitar using a pita bread as a pick, all whilst being absolutely leathered (iconic).

Everyone calls him Garry for some reason. Not sure why. But he “seems like a good egg”.

Will Locke

Course: Astrophysics

Year: Third

According to his nominations, third year student Will “does every single thing under the sun”, including no less than three societies (kayak, rock climbing, and BandSoc to name a few) on top of his degree. He’s also a drummer in a band, with one nomination saying that Will is “an incredible drummer and an even better friend”.

Described as “Mr Reliable”, Will is “the man everyone wants to invite to pre’s and house parties”, and can be counted on to help ferry your drunk housemates home. It’s easy to see why Will was nominated for BNOC, as one nomination put it: “I don’t know a person that goes to UoY that doesn’t know him, or at least hasn’t heard of him.”

Joe and Yakov (What’s for tea?)

Course: History and biochemistry

Year: Second and Third

This duo are the hosts behind “What’s for tea?”, a weekly radio show on York’s student station, University Radio York. The pair, made up of second year history student Joe Brearley and third year biochemistry student Yakov Boani, have hosted the show for over a year, gaining them nearly 2,000 followers on their Instagram.

These guys received a bunch of nominations due to their radio show. One nomination said that “they spread the gospel of tea, the most important meal”, whilst another said “what’s for tea is the GOAT”. Thanks to their “shitty radio show”, the duo apparently “get recognised on the regular about their epic evening meal content”.

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