If Friends characters went to Russell Group universities, this is exactly where they’d go

Rachel just screams Exeter

First term is over, and everyone’s heading back home for the holidays. For many of us, this means indulging in a bit of nostalgia: Going to the same pub down the road from your old sixth form and seeing everyone who you hate, going on a Christmas lights tour of your hometown with your dad who criticises your dodgy driving even though you’ve had your license for months now – or is that just me?. And finally, rewatching all the classic shows and movies you loved as a teenager. It’s the perfect way to escape the daunting reality of living away from home for the first time, or for us final year students, the looming prospect of trying to figure out life after graduation.

If, like me, the first thing you did when you got home for Christmas this year was plonk yourself on the sofa, cup of tea in hand, and whack on Friends to watch with your mum, this guide is for you. It seems that as soon as you become a student, all you can think and talk about now is uni, regardless of whether it’s actually relevant to what you’re doing. So it only seems natural, when you’ve been curled up in the living room watching Friends for hours ignoring those January deadlines, to ask yourself the question, “which universities would all of them go to?” So, here’s exactly which Russell Group universities all the Friends characters would go to:

Rachel – Exeter

I don’t think it will surprise anyone that Rachel absolutely belongs at Exeter. While her character development is some of the best shown on television, season one Rachel definitely exemplifies “daddy’s money”. She’d fit right in with all the skiing holidays and Depop girlies, and owing to her (rightful) desertion of her wedding to Barry at the start of the show, she’d study liberal arts – as a liberal arts student myself, I will fully admit that it’s the degree for those with academic commitment issues. She’d take modules in anthropology, English lit and art history in her first year, before realising how capable she is and venturing out into something like business later on. She’d definitely do a year abroad in Paris (I’m still mad she didn’t go at the end of the show), and come back with a French lilt to her accent.

Monica – Durham

Friends universities

We can all agree that in reality, Phoebe as we know her from Friends would never go into something as institutional as higher education, but if she was going to go to any the Russell Group universities, it would be Liverpool. It’s arty and alternative, and would provide the perfect backdrop for her to pursue her music. She’d perform at every single open mic she hears about, and avoid nightclubs like the plague (except the odd Shindie). She’d be an unintentional BNOC, one of those rare universally friendly students who speaks to everyone they meet in Freshers’ Week, and consequently everyone would know her for being such a nice person.

Chandler – Nottingham

Friends universities

Moving onto the boys now, Chandler would fit right in at Nottingham, there’s just something about him that screams Notts student. He’d study business and absolutely thrive in marketing modules (owing to his success after his career change). He’d be quite studious until he got a few pints in him, then become the life of the party: Screaming Mr Brightside at any Lenton house party he’s found in, or drunkenly (trying to) flirt with Trent girls outside Mega Munch. He’d join a sport society purely for the social side, like dodgeball, and be part of a huge friend group where everyone gets with each other, and later marry the sister of his best friend from first year.

Ross – Edinburgh

Friends universities

Ahhh, my least favourite Friends character. Ross definitely thinks he’d get into Cambridge, but after admissions realised how up himself he is during interviews, they’d reject him pretty promptly. He’d end up at Edinburgh, and completely overlook the fact that this is still a very impressive uni to get into. He’d fixate on it not being “the best”, and everyone in halls would be so sick of his whining they’d begin to resent him. Instead, his friends would be found on his Earth and environmental sciences course, and they’d bond over how much they manipulate their girlfriends over pints and after two he’d be crying on the phone to his about how he cheated on her. He’d be the kind of student who raises his hands in lectures just to tell the lecturer information that they were about to talk about on the next slide.

Joey – Manchester

Friends universities

Last but not least is Joey. Whilst Joey might not actually ever get the grades to get into any of the universities in the country considering he didn’t even graduate high school, for the sake of this article University of Manchester would suit Joey from Friends down to the ground. For one, it’s basically the London of the north, and we all remember how much Joey initially loved London when they went for Ross’s wedding. He’d obviously study Drama, and really struggle understanding the locals’ accents. Given how famously broke he is for the first part of the show, he’d live in Oak House. He’d accidentally wander into Warehouse Project once, get scared, and never touch it again. He’d love a Boogie Bingo and spend most of the night hitting on freshers, even once he reached third year. He’d be known as the housemate with absolutely zero common sense (you and me both Joey babes x), but be loved by everyone regardless.

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