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Jordan reveals why he isn’t friends with any of the other MAFS UK cast members

I didn’t expect his answer to be so dramatic

Who stays friends after MAFS UK finishes is often the most revealing bit of the show, and can expose all sorts of juicy drama. Despite Erica being close friends with a lot of the MAFS UK cast like Adrienne and Tasha, her husband Jordan no longer sees any of the cast.

Erica and Tasha made up off-screen, with Erica explaining how “the whole group was meant to be going round to Tasha and Paul’s for a drink but it ended up just being the four of us and we honestly had such a nice time. That’s when Tasha and I put our differences aside and really bonded with each other.” We love to see it.

Erica and Jordan have had a fair amount of feuds with their MAFS UK co-stars both on and off the screen, including fighting with Luke Worley and insulting Peggy and Georges’ relationship behind their back.

It’s fair to say they’ve burned a few bridges, and Jordan isn’t holding back on how he feels about Luke. He told OK Magazine: “I don’t speak to Luke — the guy hates me and I have no respect for him. He blocked both me and Erica on Instagram.” Yikes.

Jordan also explained the emotional reason behind why he no longer hangs out or is friends with any of the other MAFS UK cast members. He said: “I don’t meet up with the rest of the group because if I go, Luke might not go and they might be like, ‘I wish Luke was here instead of you.'”

Luke and Jordan are scheduled to have a boxing match in February to finally end their feud, but it seems the MAFS UK grooms just couldn’t wait until then to start fighting. At a PrettyLittleThing event last week, they started fighting each other and had to be “physically separated.”

Looks like it’s just going to be Erica supporting Jordan at the boxing match.

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