Blackpool Tower fire

To celebrate the fact that Blackpool Tower was never actually on fire enjoy these 19 memes

Not the entire nation getting catfished by a piece of orange netting

Yesterday we got the news that a fire had broken out at the top of Blackpool Tower, and we all mentally prepared ourselves for one of the UK’s iconic landmarks to be burned to a crisp. Only for it to be revealed that there was never a fire at Blackpool Tower, and someone had mistaken a piece of orange netting for flames. I would be so mortified I’d go into hiding.

So, in what is possibly the most fitting end to 2023, let’s celebrate the fact that Blackpool Tower is still standing with these 19 fire memes. And yes, that sounded funnier in my head.

1. It’s no laughing matter

2. I won’t be taking questions at this time

3. Tobias Funke has my whole heart

4. Someone get him on the Blackpool Tower case right now

5. A Blackpool Tower carol

6. Water and orange netting is the love affair we never knew we needed

7. Blackpool Tower fire, meme edition

8. And actually it really was fine after all

9. At least they got their steps in for the day, right?

10. Bet they feel absolutely gutted

11. I’m glad we got clarification

12. It’s the most terrifying thing I’ve ever laid eyes on

13. What a fitting end to 2023

14. She’s going to absolutely smash it out of the park

15. Fire and netting are virtually one and the same

16. You’re never going to live that one down

17. How am I only just finding out this information now?

18. Blackpool Tower is in its for the plot fire era

19. Thank god, I was really starting to worry about him

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