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Inside Peggy from MAFS UK’s clothing collection that is a ‘dream come true’ for her

Her new clothing collection focuses on ‘female empowerment’

Peggy had some pretty iconic clothing looks during her time on MAFS UK, and now she has got her own clothing collection in collaboration with Girl in The Mirror. The items in the collection are all very flamboyant dresses, and Peggy even quit her job in order to pursue her fashion career.

So far there are nine items in the collection, which range in price from £95 all the way up to £180.

In an interview, Peggy said: “I never expected to leave MAFS and get a five-figure fashion deal, I thought the show would concentrate on me being an academic geek and not really showing my true passion. I’ve got a huge passion for fashion, I always have done but it’s always been hidden.

“I feel like on MAFS, I was always my honest self, honesty is the best policy and being unique, all of my clothes were unique, rare and one-off pieces. I think the way I held myself on MAFS, I wasn’t really scared to stand out from the crowd, in terms of having respect and morals and speaking out on what I thought was right.

“Obviously I found true love on the show but my true love is also fashion, so it’s nice for others to see that and not just concentrate on Georges passions, which were predominately the main focus of our relationship was him and his hobbies. Girl In The Mirror is all about uniqueness, standing out from the crowd, one-off pieces – and that’s what I’m about.

“I don’t want to wear the same as everyone else, I want to stand out and this brand really does that with their pieces. It’s taken a long time. We’ve tried to incorporate my MAFS style, so expect to see some feathers and asymmetry and a lot of highway fashion mixed with runway catwalk fashion at affordable fashion.”

Peggy explained how she decided to quit her job in technology to pursue her career in fashion. “I have quit my job, I have realised that life’s too short to be in a job you don’t enjoy. I was good at my job but I didn’t enjoy it like I enjoy fashion. The job I had before was not sustainable, I was making myself ill from the stress of it, it was ridiculous hours, a high-pressured role, and I was one of the few females.

“This is why Girl In The Mirror is all about female empowerment, I feel like I’ve done that for the last 10 years and I feel like I’ve proven to myself that I don’t need to depend on a guy. I’m an independent woman and I’m all about women empowering themselves and having belief in themselves that they are special.”

As for where she hopes her love for fashion will take her, Peggy explained that she hopes she’ll have her own brand and continue to work on my collab with GITM.”

You can shop the collection here.

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