animal optical illusion

Only those with ‘super’ brains can find the animal in this optical illusion in eight seconds

I am questioning everything I know

Another day, another optical illusion that makes me feel inferior and also makes me want to book myself in for an eye test. The chokehold that these things have on me can not be underestimated. They make me question my eyesight until I have to give up and cheat by looking at the answers, before trying to convince myself I could in fact see the illusion the whole time. Whoever is making these needs to stop for the sake of my sanity alone.

This newest animal optical illusion is arguably the hardest one yet, with someone saying that if you can crack this illusion and find the animal within eight seconds, you’re said to have “super” brain power. But I’m not being funny, it’s literally impossible to spot unless you’re some kind of genius.

So, what is the animal optical illusion that tells you if you have ‘super’ brain power or not?

animal optical illusion

For this illusion, it just looks like a line of zig zags in black in white, but there’s actually an animal hidden in there somewhere. I mean, it’s hard enough to find anything in the monochromatic zig-zag pattern as it is, never mind with an added time constraint.

If you’re struggling, here’s a hint: The animal is located in the middle of the screen and is rather large.

Spoiler alert: Stop scrolling now unless you want the answers revealed!

animal optical illusion

The animal hidden in the optical illusion is in fact a zebra. They literally couldn’t have chosen a harder animal to bury in there. It’s even the same colour as the illusion, so the fact that the zig zags are a different colour in order to reveal the zebra’s location is proof enough that this is insanely hard.

If you got found the animal straight away and this one was a bit too easy for you, have a look if you can spot the hidden lightbulb in the odd orange in this optical illusion.

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