lizzo doing since lawsuit

It’s been five months, so here’s what Lizzo has been doing since the accusations against her

She’s gotten into fitness and recently travelled to Tokyo

It’s been a hot five months since Lizzo hit headlines after a string of controversies were made about her. The lawsuit filed against her last August saw three of her former dancers sue the singer, with claims they were put under pressure to touch naked dancers at a club in Amsterdam, shamed about their weight and forced to go through “excruciating” re-audition processes. But since the whole ordeal, and even during awards season which saw the Critics Choice Awards and the Emmys, we’ve heard little from the pop singer and what she’s up to. Here’s everything Lizzo has been doing since the lawsuit against her.

Lizzo celebrated being nominated for Outstanding Variety Special

Posting last week about the nomination of her song for Outstanding Variety Special at the Emmy Awards, Lizzo said she’d be out on the booze celebrating the accomplishment. She took to Instagram to thank fellow stars Cardi B, SZA and Missy Elliot for making the track extra special and spoke of the honour it was to be nominated, adding that she’d be “doing shots tonight”.

She’s gotten into fitness

Promoting her clothing brand Yitty, Lizzo showed off her figure in her very own lifting leggings and sports bra. Not only did she post photos in her home gym and caption selfies as “actin skinny”, but she even said “New Year, new me” so she must be doing the work. That’s how it works, isn’t it?

She’s taken some time out to work on herself

After a rather dramatic year for her last year, it looks like the singer took some time out to grow, reflect and work on herself. She’s been travelling to Tokyo and also shared a photo of a sketch she seemingly drew, proving she really is trying out life in the slow lane. Captioning one Instagram post, she wrote: “Hi. I’m working.. on music, myself, relationships with people and food, my anxiety, my body, my business, and my trust issues with the world.. but they are deep now, deeper than they’ve ever been.”

Lizzo lost her pet dog, Pooka

Over Christmas, Lizzo posted that her 18-year-old dog Pooka sadly died. She shared multiple posts about her passing, including photos of herself with Pooka as a puppy. Pooka even featured in her Christmas advert for Yitty she posted to her Instagram. On a tribute to her dog, Lizzo wrote: “I’m not ok I’m so heartbroken, RIP Pooka.”

She’s made the most of going out

Despite the backlash she faced last summer, the star didn’t let any of that stop her going out and having a fun time. Her commitment to the selfie is admirable and she’s seemingly adamant to let us know she’s still up to all sorts of fun, captioning one comma-less post: “Proof I still have fun sometimes if I didn’t post that I went outside did I even go outside or do you think a tree falls in a forest on mute bitch that’s what I thought”.

She’s been posting some odd memes

For some reason, I never thought that Lizzo would have even heard of the Roman Empire trend, never mind participate in it. But proving me wrong, she posted a meme dump which compromised of New Year’s nostalgia, self worth jokes and her Roman Empire being choosing violence over peace in 2024. Lizzo has been doing the most since the lawsuit.

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