Waterstones on Saddler Street forced to close after suffering from water damage

It is not yet known when it will re-open

Durham’s local branch of the popular bookshop, Waterstones, is temporarily closed currently due to water damage on the shop floor.

The staff posted a notice in the doorway of the Saddler Street explaining that the shop would not be open due to flooding, with no information to when it would re-open.

A handwritten note placed on the door read: “Due to flooding issues, the store will not be opening this morning.”

The shop reassures shoppers in the same note that the nearby store”Our sister store up the street is trading as normal. Apologies for any inconvenience.”

Out of Durham’s two branches of Waterstones both situated on Saddler Street, in the town centre, the water damaged location is the shop catering more-so to the general public with books, children’s books, and a variety of games. For Durham University merch and set texts the smaller Waterstone’s nearer the Bailey is still open for business as usual.

The doors of the affected Waterstones, featuring the notice, 69 Saddler Street, Durham.

From the shop windows, shoppers can see some evidence of the damage with missing ceiling tiles possibly indicating the source of the water damage, as well as bins, bin bags and rubber gloves to deal with the aftermath of the damage.

No set date is yet given for reopening, although hopefully, the shop will soon resume its normal business hours and the damage will be fixed, with minimal stock damage.

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