Liverpool has been placed as the seventh best city in the world in a new ranking

Rumour has it the Liver Building is the new Eiffel Tower

Dreaming of long riverside walks along the Seine? Are you yearning for the electric city of Tokyo? Or perhaps you’re thinking of taking a quick trip over to see the Sydney Opera House (and continuously making the iconic reference from The Inbetweeners). How about you take a look a little closer to home, for one of the best cities in the world lies on your doorstep.

Liverpool has been ranked an impressive seventh in Time Out’s annual list of Best Cities in the World. Are we surprised? Absolutely not. Ranked above the romantic paths of Paris and the beautiful city of Rome, Liverpool has been acknowledged for the affordability of its art and culture scene, earning an extraordinary 89 per cent ranking.

Anyone who visited Liverpool during the midst of Eurovision can tell you the city really did itself proud, but the buzz of the city did not settle after the iconic music contest passed. Liverpool is known for its unique and vibrant music scene. From being the birthplace of a tiny little band called The Beatles to an array of music venues like 24 Kitchen Street, there are plenty of events to look forward to.

One music event, in particular, to watch out for is In The Park, hosted by treasured local singer-songwriter Jamie Webster in collaboration with Cream Classical. If you fancy seeing a 50-piece orchestra playing ageless dance anthems from over the years, then you know what to do. While visiting, why don’t you take a sunset stroll around the docks and meet a few locals to truly get a taste of what Liverpool has to offer?

From foodie hotspots spread all across the city to beautiful (and very Instagram-able) scenery, Liverpool offers something for everyone. As Alice Porter noted in the Time Out review of Liverpool, there truly is a smiling face on every corner. You’ll be struck by the radiance of the city.

Liverpool is one of those cities that speaks for itself. When you visit, you will know what we mean. Once you get a taste for the proud identity and spirited buzz, you won’t want to leave.

Remember, not only is Liverpool ranked the seventh best city in the world, but it is the cheapest city on the list for art and culture. With post-Christmas and the cost-of-living crisis, who doesn’t love a bargain trip? Especially to one of the best cities in the world. And no, we won’t get tired of saying that.

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