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All the adorable pictures from Peggy and Georges’ romantic trip to Paris

Imagine if Georges had proposed

Peggy and Georges are one of the most iconic couples to come out of MAFS UK, and they recently celebrated Peggy’s birthday by jetting off to Paris. Since they’ve arrived Peggy and Georges have been to Disneyland Paris, the Louboutin store and a lot of very fancy-looking restaurants, the MAFS UK couple have come a long way.

So, let’s look at all the adorable pictures from Peggy and Georges’ romantic Paris trip together!

I will eternally be envious of any couple at Disneyland Paris

The peace pose is making the ultimate comeback for these two.

Peggy is looking the epitome of a classy Parisian in her little cap

They’ve even included a pun in the caption, v iconic.

Such cute pictures of them both, I’m obsessed

They actually look like they’re having the best time.

I think this must be Peggy’s version of heaven

I need Peggy to have bought out the entire store.

Peggy is decked out head to toe in the Paris merch, and honestly I’m here for it

She picked a theme and stuck to it.

The dress, the makeup, the hair – it’s all tick, tick, tick

Even the caption is making me emotional.

Just too iconic

Having your birthday trip include Disneyland sounds like the best birthday someone could have.

Georges is the definition of unleashing your inner child at Disneyland Paris

You can tell he’s having the absolute time of his life.

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