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MAFS Australia bride warns she’ll happily cheat on her husband to find her ‘perfect match’

‘Seriously, no one is safe’

This year’s MAFS Australia cast has been labelled as the “worst behaved” the experiment has ever seen, and bride Lauren Dunn is certainly living up to it.

We’re used to seeing some dubious behaviour on MAFS Australia but it’s rare that a bride is so openly brazen about being very willing to cheat if she feels another groom would be “a better match.”

In the first episode of MAFS Australia bride Lauren Dunn was very open in warning her fellow co-stars about watching their backs and keeping a close eye on their grooms.

She asked her fellow brides what they were looking for in a husband, with one girl replying “big heart” whilst Lauren admitted she’s looking for a “big d*ck.”

At one point she was seen asking the other brides what they were looking for in their soon-to-be perfect match when they walked down the aisle.

“Big heart,” sighed one of the girls, to which Dunn scoffed and retorted: “Big d**k!

Lauren went on to warn her co-stars that a marriage certificate would do nothing to stop her from going after their husband if she felt like he was a “better match for her.”

When one of the other girls warned Lauren not to try and steal her husband she replied: “Seriously, no one is safe. “I’ll f**k ya dad and ya brother. All ya friends. Ya boss, ya colleagues.”

According to The Daily Mail Australia, this season of MAFS Australia will have a cheating story when a “heartbroken” groom finds out his bride has cheated on him. An insider said: “The cheating scandal only came out because [someone] decided to betray their friend in an attempt to bring in some drama.”

Whilst we don’t know who the bride that cheated is yet, Lauren is definitely up there for the highest contenders right now.

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