Love Island Samie relationship

Omg, Samie from Love Island has confirmed she’s in a new relationship

I’m so happy for her!

Samie from Love Island has confirmed she’s happily in a new relationship on her Instagram story whilst her ex Tom is in the All Stars villa.

Samie took to her Instagram story to confirm the relationship saying: “Just want to clarify some things. I have not spoken to the press recently, unless you hear something from myself directly it’s all speculation.

“I am happily with someone and focusing on this lovely little life and work right now.”

Via Instagram @samieelishi

As for what she thinks of Tom entering the Love Island: All Stars villa one of Samie’s best friends Claudia discussed it on the Cracking On with The Sun podcast. Claudia explained: “They both have massive respect for each other. They just weren’t right together. They’re on good terms now, and I think she just wants him to find someone and be happy.

“She’s dating someone now too so it’s just nice that they can both kind of move on and be happy.”

Samie and Tom broke up one month after coming in third place in Love Island in April of last year. In a statement, Tom wrote: “Didn’t think I’d be writing this but me and Samie have gone our separate ways. We are still on good terms and I have nothing but love and respect for her. I’m gutted it’s come to an end but I truly wish Samie the best.”

Samie has not yet confirmed who she’s in a relationship with, but I’m sure the Love Island star will leave us some breadcrumbs.

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