MAFS producer says it’s ‘bullsh*t’ when cast members ‘blame the edit’ for their bad behaviour

‘We can’t make them do what they didn’t actually do’

At some point or another, a MAFS cast member will blame the edit for how they’ve come across in the show. But Tara McWilliams producer of MAFS Australia has some opinions on that, calling their claims utter “bullsh*t.”

In an interview with The Daily Mail, she insisted that any negative storyline is a direct result of the cast members’ “bad choices” on MAFS.

She doesn’t “agree that someone good gets a villain edit” and quickly dismissed claims of a cast member’s “unfair portrayal” as complete “bullsh*t.” She continued: “We don’t manufacture storylines or characters. What you see is a reflection of absolutely what’s happened on the show.

“It’s not a villain edit. It’s the edit… If you’ve got your so-called hero edit, it’s because you’re behaving well.”

Fellow MAFS producer Alex told Yahoo: “I think one thing that this experiment does is that it holds a mirror up to yourself. So when you finally watch that back, sometimes people can get a shock as to how they thought they may have behaved compared to how they actually have behaved.

“We can’t make them do what they didn’t actually do. We can’t force people to say things, we can’t put words in their mouths. Like, if they said it, they said it, if they did it, they did it.

“Instead of [owning their behaviour] the alternative is that the edit is a very safe excuse. The biggest gripe they seem to have is, ‘OK, I was an a**hole in that moment, but what about all the other times I was nice?’ and we would counter that with, ‘Well, you were still an a**hole in that moment.’

“We can’t show every moment of everyone, but we try and show as much as we can, because people aren’t one-dimensional. We warn them, before we start shooting the show, you’re going to be an a**hole, the Australian audience is gonna see you being an a**hole and you’re going to be judged on that.

“And they may say ‘You made my partner look like the good one and I’m the bad one’, and it’s like that’s how we all saw it: we were shooting it, we were editing it, and we were giving them advice. That’s how everyone else saw it, it was everyone else’s reality but yours.”

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