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Arabella’s family have spoken out about Toby’s treatment of her on Love Island: All Stars

‘We’re very grateful for all the girls in there’

Poor Arabella was completely “mugged off” by Toby on Friday’s episode of Love Island: All Stars. Arabella was brutally dumped by Toby on Friday night in order for him to couple up with Georgia Steel.

The emotional scene showed Arabella breaking down in tears over fears that she “wasn’t good enough,” leading her fellow Love Island: All Stars female cast members to comfort her over Toby.

Arabella’s family were watching the scenes at home and put out a statement on Instagram on their thoughts about how Toby had treated her.

They wrote: “So proud of Arabella for sticking up for herself. Was Having a chat with her mum saying we were happy she hadn’t sworn on it but we think it’s allowed here.

“It’s so hard seeing Arabella cry and not being able to be there for her. Very grateful for all the girls in there and all of the lovely messages she’s getting on Instagram.”

Toby can now join the ranks of Araella’s exes, a lot of whom are significantly more famous than him, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Manchester City footballer Ruben Dias. Whilst it’s heartbreaking that Arabella felt “mugged off” by Toby’s actions, I think it’s very fitting that he and Georgia are now coupled up because they definitely deserve each other.

Now they need to get another round of bombshells in so Arabella can find the man of her dreams!

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