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MAFS Australia groom

MAFS Aus groom Jack insists he’s ‘not a f*ckboy’ despite breaking up with gf to be on show

And claims his ex has ‘gone rogue’

So, do we all remember when the ex of one of the MAFS Australia grooms claimed he’d “blindsided” her by appearing on the show and hadn’t told her about it at all?

Well, now the MAFS Australia groom himself Jack Dunkley has addressed the claims against him telling The Daily Mail he wasn’t surprised at all when he’d seen his ex had spoken out about the situation. He said: “‘It wasn’t a surprise. I had a feeling that my ex was going to go rogue at some point and probably sell something to the media.

“Tori was all over it. I think I discussed it with her day two or day three of meeting her and caught her up to speed with my latest relationship and where it was and how I couldn’t get away from the communications even though I wasn’t responding.”

As for the accusations that he’s a “f*ckboy, Jack has completely denied them. “I told the cameras that’s not who I am and my story, my real story is actually the fact that I am misunderstood and that’s why I thought I struggled to find love because everyone does look at me and think I’m not ready to settle down because I do have this look about me and the way I hold myself.”

It’s also reported that Jack has reached out to his ex to apologise for his behaviour.

His ex claimed to have been in a relationship with the MAFS Australia groom, explaining that she had “met all his family” and Jack had told her “he loves me” before he completely unexpectedly dumped her.

Courtney claims that instead of telling her he was going to Sydney to start shooting MAFS Australia 2024, the groom told her he was “moving to America for ‘work opportunities.’”

Courtney was seen in the comments of a post that featured photos of Jack getting married on his wedding day. She wrote: “My mental health has suffered due to being completely blindsided and losing my best friend to a reality TV show.”

“Jack has never tried to break up with me and our relationship was becoming quite serious. We spoke regularly about our future together and I don’t believe he is on the show for the right reasons at all.”

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