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Georgia Harrison Love Island

Katie Price makes vile remark asking who Georgia H ‘hasn’t sh*gged’ in Love Island villa

‘It seems like she has done something with most of them’

Katie Price has been watching Love Island: All Stars like the rest of us, but made some incredibly rude and unnecessary remarks about Georgia Harrison when she was watching the show with her sister.

She has her own podcast called The Katie Price Show where she gives her opinions about what has been happening on the show, with her sister joining her this week as a special guest.

However, Katie made some vile remarks about Georgia Harrison following the reveal last week that she “has history” with Casey O’Gorman. On the podcast episode, Katie and her sister Sophie were discussing the drama that is happening on the show and how a lot of the Islanders have “history” with each other.

Katie said to her sister: “The other Georgia Harrison, I’m not being funny but who hasn’t she shagged in there?” Her sister responded exclaiming: “Oh Kate! You can’t say that.”

Katie continued: “It seems like she went with, or done something, with most of them. Oh I’ve got history’. The word history to me means you’ve got off with them or you’ve shagged them. Yes or no.”

Georgia Harrison and Anton from Love Island: All Stars had some flirtation going on, and apparently Katie had a “huge” crush on him, sounds like someone is majorly jealous to me.

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