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Thomas in ‘shock’ that Georges hid his breakup from him despite their ‘close’ friendship

He found out about the split through a screenshot

Thomas has waded into the juicy drama of Georges and Peggy’s MAFS UK breakup, revealing in an interview with FUBAR Radio that he’s in “brutal shock” about their split.

Thomas told the station that he found out about Georges and Peggy’s split through a fellow MAFS UK cast member, despite the fact he’d spoken to Georges just the day before.

He said: ” One of the boys sent me a screenshot saying they’d broken up and I literally spoke to Georges yesterday and he told me nothing. I was so brutally shocked. It’s a shame they ended.”

Thomas went on to say he didn’t know whether Peggy and Georges would work out during their time in the MAFS UK experiment and he was “surprised” when they did stay in their relationship. He continued: “When we were in the experiment, it was a cognitive dissonance between whether I thought they would work or not. I was very surprised when they did and very happy for them.”

Thomas also expressed his “surprise” that Georges didn’t open up about his breakup as the two have a close friendship. He said: “I am quite close with Georges and he didn’t tell me and apparently they’ve been broken up for weeks so that was a surprise for me.

“I’ve been very open to him so I’m surprised he didn’t open up about that because if my person broke up with me, I would have been devastated and I would have told my mates.”

And it seems like everyone in the MAFS UK cast is confused about Georges and Peggy’s breakup, with Thomas saying how “shocked” he was at the sudden announcement.

He continued: “My friends, beyond the cast, said ‘that was sudden, last week they were in Closer saying they want to get married and have babies and now they’ve broken up,’ So there’s a divide between what’s said in press and what’s actually happened.

“Georges and I did a double-page spread together in Closer and it was a beautiful piece about how they’re getting on really well. I was so surprised, it must have just happened immediately afterwards. I was so shocked. I hope he’s okay and I hope Peggy is okay.

“I’ve messaged Georges just saying ‘what’s going on? Can you talk to me?’ I’ve reassured him that I’m here for him.'”

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