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Both Toby and Chloe have hinted at each other being unfaithful, what have they said so far?

I can’t keep track of it all

Former Love Island couple Chloe and Toby have been subtly hinting that the other cheated on them, and at this point, it’s hard to keep up. So, let’s break down everything that’s been said about the accusations.

Chloe and Toby announced their breakup in October 2022 after being together for over one year. At the time a source said they were still living together, whilst making arrangements to go their separate ways.

The source added: “Chloe and Toby put everything into their relationship – but it hasn’t worked out between them. There’s been no wrongdoing, they have simply grown apart, and over time realised it’s better for them both to split. Naturally, Chloe has found the breakup difficult being able to spend time abroad with Millie has given her the space she needed to start moving on.”

Toby dumped Chloe due to ‘serious core problems’

In the first episode of her YouTube show, Chloe revealed Toby dumped her and the Love Island star later confirmed this in an interview with The Sun.

He said: “Once you’re having serious core problems, really and truly it’s done, isn’t it. It’s one of those ones, because it’s my relationship I don’t want to say what those issues were. I haven’t really said it out loud to anyone really and truly, it’s almost like I’m running from it. I run from it.”

Chloe claimed the relationship ‘wasn’t working’ but Toby seems to have a different version of events

During an episode of Celebs Go Dating, Chloe opened up about her split from Toby, claiming Toby ended their relationship and told her “this isn’t working”.

In a teary conversation with dating experts Anna Williamson and Paul C. Brunson, Chloe said: “He was probably the nicest boy I’d ever been with. But the connections you form [on Love Island], you can’t replicate it in real life.

“When he said, ‘This isn’t working’, I was really heartbroken for months. I was heartbroken. Things fell apart a bit and we both knew. I’m not going to beg for someone to stay with me.”

But following the episode airing on Tuesday 22nd, Toby seemed to have a different version of events as to why he and Chloe broke up.

Via Instagram

Toby uploaded a video of rapper Central Cee rolling his eyes and wrote: “Wait you guys actually think it went down like that?” with a laughing emoji.

Toby is on Love Island: All Stars, and said he and Chloe split because he couldn’t trust her

On Love Island: All Stars Toby was asked by his fellow Islanders what caused him and Chloe to split. He described how he felt he “couldn’t trust her anymore” and said “something happened” which caused this.

He didn’t elaborate too much on what the “something” was, but when it was suggested Chloe had gone out and “done something”, Toby replied: “Something like that, yeah.”

Chloe claims she ‘cheats back’

In a clip for Channel 4, it was asked who would be “most likely to cheat”. Everyone in the video voted that Chloe would fit the category, including Chloe herself.

The other girls explained they thought Chloe would be “more likely to accidentally cheat,” before Chloe interrupted saying, “I cheat back!”

Toby reveals a ‘soulmate’ ex of his cheated on him

Talking candidly to Anton on Love Island: All Stars, Toby seemed to hint that Chloe had cheated, resulting in him deciding to end of their relationship.

Toby said: “Even when we broke up. People always said that I cheated…it wasn’t even my choice to end the relationship but I had to end it because it was cheating. When it’s cheating it’s done. Bro, it hurts…it hurts to get cheated on.

“To be classed as a cheat…I should have just kept quiet in that moment.”

Reassuring Toby, Anton says: “There’s nothing worse than being called something you’re not and not even something you’re not but something you despise.”

Toby says: “I can’t lie to you. I’ll tell you right now. With that girl, she was it…I was happy. Soulmate vibes.

“After that happened bro, honestly the hardest time…hands down.”

And Toby’s best friend Tyrique supported him from back home, as he tweeted “Talk your sh*t bro… proud of you.”

Chloe insisted she would ‘never cheat’ and said every boy she’s been with has ‘cheated’ on her

Chloe broke her silence over claims she cheated on Toby during their relationship, leaving the two Love Island contestants to break up.

Chloe seemingly addressed the claims on her podcast with Millie, insisting she would ”never cheat.” Chloe told Millie: “Every boy I have ever been with who has gone on holiday has cheated on me. There is something about different water means different morals.”

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