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Fuming Arabella takes BRUTAL swipe at fellow Islanders after being voted out last night

‘I feel like a lot of their reasons were cop-outs’

After a shocking twist where all the previous Islanders returned to the Love Island: All Stars villa to vote on which couple to send home, Arabella and Adam were ultimately sent packing. But now, Arabella has broken her silence over the elimination and has taken a pretty brutal swipe at her fellow Love Island co-stars.

In her and Adam’s exit interview, she shared what she really thinks about the other Islanders and the reasons why they chose to vote Arabella and Adam out.

She said: “I didn’t expect that, I’m not gonna lie. it was quite a savage dumping. I feel like a lot of their reasons were cop-outs. Hannah and Joanna were making out that I shouldn’t have been on that board, but because of the fact that Adam is new, that was kind of their base of reason for putting us on the board.

Adam agreed with Arabella saying: “It seems that we’ve been judged on the time we’ve had, rather than our connection.”
As for their thoughts on the other couples in the Love Island villa, Arabella and Adam both think that whilst “Anton and G” are “both incredible individuals, I just question their romantic side. In a week I think we’ve had more of a romantic connection than them.”

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