University of Birmingham spends the least on their students out of all the Russell Groups

How unsurprising

The Guardian’s 2024 university rankings are in, and UoB notably falls short on one category in particular – how much the uni spends on its students. The University of Birmingham was found to be the stingiest Russell Group uni out of 24 UK universities. 

The best UK universities 2024 rankings have been compiled by The Guardian based on how each uni scores on a range of academic and non-academic factors, including teaching quality, student satisfaction and employability outcomes. 

By calculating how much each university spends per student and giving it a rank out of 10, it could be determined which of the Russell Groups spend the most and the least money on their students. And the University of Birmingham came crashing into last place with a score of just 4.2 out of 10. 

Unsurprisingly, the top two universities in this category were Oxford and Cambridge, with scores of 10 and 9.9 respectively.  

Some other notable high scorers included the University of Edinburgh with an 8.2, the University of Manchester with a 7.7, and the University of Liverpool with a 7.4.

UoB’s overall rankings have taken a heavy blow from The Guardians 2023 table of rankings, dropping 10 places from 27th place to 37th in 2024. This comes as little surprise when Birmingham takes the crown for stingiest Russell Group.  

With the uni cancelling Valefest and overselling guest Fab nights, it’s safe to say that Birmingham deserves its title!  

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