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MAFS UK’s Tasha savagely says Katie Price got Ella’s ‘sloppy seconds’

And exposed the DMs Katie and Ella exchanged

Ahead of the MAFS UK reunion, Tasha has majorly shaded Katie Price, and we’re here for the drama.

In an interview with FUBAR Radio MAFS UK bride Tasha was asked to give her opinion on JJ’s controversial new relationship with Katie Price, and she didn’t hold back. She explained: “Katie reached out to Ella before Katie had met JJ. Katie was so lovely to Ella and so supportive and giving her so many compliments, just being a genuine person.

“Then, next thing you know she’s got her sloppy seconds. She’s not heartbroken and crying into a tub of Ben and Jerry’s but it was a bit of a kick in the teeth at first. It’s early days and they’re talking about babies and stuff now apparently so I’m just a bit confused.”

Via Channel 4

She continued: “I do love JJ, we got on like a house on fire when we were filming but I just don’t know. I mean Katie is his type, so he says. But my only thing is, the reasons that he didn’t want to be with Ella, Katie does a lot of those things.

“That’s the one thing that’s confused me. Ella is quite an out there person anyway, but when she’s had a drink she’s a bit more out there. And I’d say Katie is quite out there too. I thought ‘when Ella was doing this it was an issue, but now it’s not an issue’. They were acting very similar.”

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