Supporter of baby killer Lucy Letby spoke to students at University of Liverpool last week

Richard Gill previously shared content proclaiming Letby’s innocence and gave an informal talk on her case

A supporter of convicted baby killer Lucy Letby was invited to speak at the University of Liverpool last week.

Statistics professor Richard Gill claimed to have given “a private informal talk on the Letby case” after teaching a lecture at the university.

Dubbing her trial a major “miscarriage of justice” Mr Gill was warned by a judge last year who called his online comments a serious contempt of court, reports Mirror.

Invited as a guest speaker at the University of Liverpool, Richard Gill travelled from Holland for the class at the Department of Mathematical Scientists.

While Lucy Letby’s case was not spoken about during his lecture, Professor Gill did speak of the convicted baby killer during a “long evening meal”. Professor Gill claims he “gave a private talk about Lucia de Berk and Lucy Letby – similarities and differences. It was over a long evening meal, participants from the maths department, and was more of a debate and discussion than a lecture.”

Lucy Letby was found guilty of the murder of seven babies and the attempted murder of six others at the Countess of Chester Hospital after a 10 month trial in August 2023. This resulted in Letby being given a whole of life sentence.

He went on to describe the success of the lecture and the dinner stating that both his “talk and dinner were very well attended and very well received, I think.” He continued: “We discussed academic freedom, and how current reporting restrictions are stifling scientific discussion about the scientific issues in the Lucy Letby case. And many more things besides.”

Professor Gill has previously shared content proclaiming Letby’s innocence, believing those who accept the verdicts as fact have “low IQs” and “an agenda”. Last year a judge warned of serious consequences for Professor Gill’s online comments about the trial, calling them “a serious contempt of court”. He has also described a book claiming Letby’s innocence as “fantastic” and has been a guest on a podcast hosted by Kate Shemiran, an anti-vaxxer and nurse who has been struck off for misconduct.

The professor also added: “I was visiting the university for some scientific business connected to an international learned society. I gave a lecture in the maths department about my work on quantum entanglement.

The professor also added: “I was visiting the university for some scientific business connected to an international learned society. I gave a lecture in the maths department about my work on quantum entanglement.

The university released a statement maintaining that the lecture did not mention the Letby case stating: “Professor Gill was a guest speaker for a group of researchers due to his membership of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. His talk was a statistical view on the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics. No reference was made to the Lucy Letby case at any point during the session.”

Professor Gill said: “I did not ‘teach a lecture’. I gave a scientific talk on my work on statistical aspects of the 2020 experiments on quantum entanglement, which resulted in the 2022 Nobel prize in physics for Clauser, Aspect and Zeilinger. I have coauthored papers with Zeilinger and my own work is cited by the four experimental papers on loophole-free Bell experiments in 2020.

“The judge James Goss, presiding over the Letby trial in Manchester, told officers of Cheshire Constabulary that it *might be* contempt of court, depending on my motivation, which he did not know. He evidently had not received the long letter I had sent to him via the clerk of the court. It had been passed on to police instead of to the judge.

“I was not the only one who received intimidating letters. Cheshire constabulary attempted to suppress four websites run by independent scientists of different scientific backgrounds.

“I do believe Lucy is innocent, I have very good reasons to believe so, and it is my duty as a scientist to tell the public. It is true that people who believe everything they read in the Daily Mail are not very clever. People who believe that no innocent persons are ever falsely convicted by an English court are dumb. Some of those who do delight in the guilty verdict do have an agenda. Half a dozen Kindle books are on sale on Amazon about the serial killer Letby. Serial killers sell newspapers, fill talk shows.

“What have Kate Shemirani’s views on vaccination to do with the Lucy Letby case? She broadcasts a show from Australia. I don’t know about her alleged misconduct. All discussion in the UK about the Letby case is being suppressed by the authorities. ”

The University of Liverpool has been contacted for comment.

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