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MAFS Australia Lucinda Light

Okay, so who exactly is Lucinda Light the MAFS Australia icon we’re all obsessed with?

Protect her at all costs

Lucinda Light is one of the upcoming brides appearing on MAFS Australia and she is already one of the most iconic brides featured on the show in my opinion. But who exactly is Lucinda?

How old is Lucinda Light?


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Lucinda Light is 43 but the MAFS Australia bride genuinely looks like she’s in her thirties, I pray I can age half as well as her.

What’s she looking for in MAFS Australia?

Lucinda Light has explained that as a “free spirit” herself, she wants an open-minded man who is willing to be vulnerable, adventurous and can have a good time.

Who has she been paired with in the experiment?

Lucinda Light has been paired with MAFS Australia groom Timothy, who has admitted he doesn’t want to be with anyone spiritual, something that’s very important to Lucinda.

What does Lucinda do for work?


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Lucinda is a registered celebrant which means she’s very familiar with the world of weddings. She’s also very sex-positive, running various dating and sex events and has mentioned attending a four-day tantric sex festival in the mountains. Consider me intrigued.

Is Lucinda really on the show to find love?

A source told Yahoo Lifestyle: “Lucinda is as quirky and positive as she comes across and great talent, but there were some whispers amongst the cast about her intentions as she was there under a stage name rather than her real name.”

Further rumours started swirling about her true intentions after she posted on LinkedIn that she was looking for a new job as an MC or TV presenter.

She’s part of an earth choir


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Lucinda is part of an earth choir which she joined during the covid lockdown to sing healing songs and stay connected.

And is already a TikTok icon

Like seriously this woman is my inspiration.

I mean what else would you expect from someone as iconic as Lucinda?

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