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All of Tom Holland’s most golden retriever moments where he simped hard over Zendaya

We stan a supportive and devoted boyfriend!

Move over, Romeo and Juliet. Step aside, Harry and Sally. In a world where celebrity relationships often come and go like passing clouds, Tom Holland and Zendaya are giving everyone a serious case of relationship envy. Their love story transcends the silver screen, with moments so heart-warming they could melt the coldest of hearts. From red carpet rendezvous to Instagram declarations of affection, Tom’s simping over Zendaya is the stuff fairy tales are made of. So, grab some tissues and let’s dive into Tom’s most golden retriever moments where he simped over Zendaya hard:

The time he sent a sweet birthday wish to Zendaya: ‘My Mj’

Remember when Tom melted hearts with a birthday post dedicated to Zendaya? He affectionately referred to her as “My MJ” in a candid Spider-Man dressing room photo snapped by Zendaya herself. Zendaya reciprocated the love with a heartwarming response, saying, “calling now,” and adding a heart emoji, further solidifying their adorable bond. True love in Spider-Man’s dressing room.


The time he complimented Zendaya during a London photo call

Who could forget the December 2021 London photo call for Spider-Man: No Way Home? Tom couldn’t help but shower Zendaya with compliments, describing her as “looking beautiful might I add – as ever.” His genuine admiration for her beauty and talent was evident, reflecting their deep connection both on and off the screen. Could he be any sweeter?


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The time he gushed over Zendaya’s style in a joint interview

During a joint interview on the French program Quotidien, Tom gushed over Zendaya’s fashion sense. Unable to contain his admiration, he watched a montage of her stunning red carpet looks, commenting, “It’s unreal though, it’s amazing.” His genuine awe at her style showcased the depth of his affection for her beyond their professional partnership. Fashion icons in love.

The time he couldn’t contain his excitement as Zendaya arrived on the red carpet

Amidst the Spider-Man: No Way Home premiere frenzy, Tom’s excitement peaked when Zendaya made her grand entrance on the red carpet. His joy was palpable as he eagerly exclaimed, “I think Zendaya just showed up,” unable to contain his excitement at her presence. Their affectionate display stole the spotlight, leaving fans cheering for their favourite couple. Red carpet royalty!

The time he showered love on Zendaya at the ‘CFDA Fashion Awards’

Tom couldn’t contain his admiration for Zendaya at the CFDA Fashion Awards. He gushed over her incredible achievements and stunning red carpet look, showcasing his unwavering support and adoration for his leading lady’s success and style. Taking to Instagram, he shared glimpses of Zendaya’s outfit, adding, “Naaa stop it,” along with a heart emoticon. Supportive and stylish couple goals!

The time he professed his love to Zendaya on Instagram amid breakup rumours

In response to breakup rumours, Tom publicly declared his love for Zendaya on Instagram after her stunning appearance at Schiaparelli’s fashion show in Paris. He reassured fans by reposting a video of her arrival, jokingly captioned, “This was made for me,” further reinforcing their strong bond and shutting down speculations. Love conquers all, even rumours.

The time he admired Zendaya’s red carpet look at the London premiere of “Dune: Part Two”

While Zendaya dazzled on the red carpet at the London premiere of “Dune: Part Two,” Tom and his family showed their unwavering support. Tom’s presence above the red carpet spoke volumes about his admiration for her, while fans spotted his dad and brother arriving, highlighting their close-knit family and adding to the excitement of the evening.

Who needs fairy godmothers when you’ve got Tom and Zendaya stealing the show with their love story? If this isn’t the definition of #BoyfriendGoals, I don’t know what is.

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