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Jess has finally spoken out about rumours she and Callum have split up after Love Island

I still have some questions

After pretty much radio silence from both Jess and Callum after they came out of Love Island: All Stars, it was safe to say there were a lot of rumours regarding them having secretly split up. But now Love Island finalist Jess has finally spoken out about the rumours she and Callum ended their relationship and clarified their status together.

And it turns out the two of them are still together with Jess explaining that as she and Callum live in two different cities it’s hard for them to spend a lot of time with each other, but it still doesn’t sound like they’re official.

Via Instagram

Jess said: “Shock. Me and Callum are still together despite everything what everyone is saying right now. Me and Callum are really good, he’s come up to London today so I’ll be seeing him later. I haven’t seen him since the show, he’s been in Manchester, I’ve been in London, and he’s not been very well.

“But, yeah, things are good and I’m very excited to see him. Date night is tonight, we’re actually going out for dinner in London so I’m excited for that, and we’ve got something tomorrow as well.”

She added: “So yeah, finally it’s happening and I’m really excited to see him. It feels like ages, after spending every single day in the villa together, even though it’s not actually been that long. it feels like we’ve spent ages apart.”

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