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Georgia Steel feels ‘like the most hated woman in the country’ amid intense ‘death threats’

And feels like Molly and Tom have ‘kicked her when she’s down’

Georgia Steel has admitted she feels like the “most hated woman in the country” after coming out of the Love Island villa, to the point where she feels “anxious to leave the house.”

She recently decided to take a break from social media due to all the hate she was getting and also explained why Tom and Molly have “upset” her so much.

She had ‘no clue’ the hate would be so bad


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Speaking to The Sun about the public reaction to her behaviour on Love Island: All Stars Georgia said: “I felt like the most hated woman in the country. I had no clue it would be that bad. I’m 25 and I wanted to meet the right person for me, and the only way to do that was to get to know people.

“I don’t see the boys receiving the hate that I did. It’s actually mostly women that have been trolling me and I wouldn’t have expected that. It’s all really confusing and hard for me to get my head around.”

Her family and friends have also received ‘death threats’

“I had a feeling I would get some stick when I got out but never did I know that the trolling would be so intense. I’ve had death threats, my family and friends have had death threats and I feel slightly responsible for that.

“I had a gut feeling after the PDA awards ceremony about the backlash that was brewing on the outside. I didn’t have therapy in the villa but when I came out, the producers prepared me and told me about the stick I had had.”

She feels ‘anxious to leave the house’


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“I haven’t heard from Molly or Tom since leaving the villa but, yeah, that’s upsetting. I think it’s disappointing as we all know how it is coming out of the villa, we know the heat we get and it’s been shown that I got a lot of hate. It does make me sad for sure. I feel some people I went through that experience with are still targeting me and that’s rubbish. I am a bit gutted about it to be honest.”

And feels as though they have ‘kicked her when she’s down’


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“With what’s gone on in the press with Molly and Tom, I will be taking a step back now [from those relationships]. I am just hurt. It’s like kicking someone when they are down a bit, and people kicking me when I am down is just not helping the situation. People should know better, especially being in the industry themselves.

“I don’t hate Molly and Tom and I don’t think they are a bad couple. I actually really like the guys, that’s why I am probably quite hurt by it.”

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