Is Roman Kemp single girlfriend

Everything you need to know about Roman Kemp’s long and winding dating history

‘I love women who have a plan for their life’

Roman Kemp has been setting the radio waves on fire for years with his huge personality. So, it’s no surprise he’s hosting the BRIT Awards this Saturday. From his early days as the cheekiest voice on Capital FM to his star-studded stints on TV shows like The X Factor Celebrity and I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, he’s basically one of the biggest presenters in Britain right now.

But, obviously, what everybody is dying to know about is his love life. And, with cameos from reality stars and models, there’s plenty to discuss. So, in case you’re intrigued, here’s everything you need to know about Roman Kemp’s dating history and if he’s currently single:

Anne-Sophie Flury: The swiss scientist who stole his heart

Roman Kemp’s journey in the realm of romance began with Anne-Sophie Flury, a Swiss scientist whom he met on the popular dating app Tinder in early 2018. Their love story blossomed, and the couple embarked on a three-year journey together, sharing sweet moments and even welcoming a furry addition to their family, a Chihuahua pup named Luna. Roman didn’t shy away from expressing his love for Anne-Sophie, with their Instagram feeds flooded with adorable snapshots of their life together. However, their love story took a twist during the COVID-19 lockdown in early 2020, leading to a break up.

Codie Jones: Finding comfort in grief

Following the end of his relationship with Anne-Sophie, Roman found solace and companionship in the arms of Australian radio presenter Codie Jones in mid-2020. Their bond deepened amidst the grief of losing a mutual friend, Joe, and they were rumoured to be “crazy about each other.” Although the relationship remained relatively low-key, Codie had the stamp of approval from Roman’s famous parents, Martin and Shirlie. But like many whirlwind romances, this one too eventually reached its end.

Lottie Moss: A brief tryst with the influencer world

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When it comes to jet-setting romances, Roman Kemp knows how to keep things sizzling. The German model Jette Kerkoff caught his eye during a sun-soaked getaway to Mykonos in late 2020, sparking speculation about a potential love connection. Instagram likes and cosy vacation snaps fuelled the rumour mill, leaving fans eager for more insight into their whirlwind romance.

Maura Higgins: A Love Island affair?

Love was in the air when Roman Kemp crossed paths with Love Island star Maura Higgins in early 2022. The pair turned heads at the BRIT Awards after party, igniting rumours of a budding romance. While their chemistry was undeniable, Roman insisted they were just friends, leaving fans to wonder if there was more to their red carpet rendezvous.

So, is Roman Kemp currently single?

Is Roman Kemp single girlfriend

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As of this moment, Roman Kemp is riding the single train, choo-chooing his way through life’s adventures without a significant other. In a revealing chat on the Diary of a CEO Podcast, Roman spilled the tea on his dating vibe, declaring: “It’s one of the reasons, to be totally honest with you, that I don’t really date English girls, ever. I love someone not knowing what I do for a living. I love someone not caring at all.”

While his heart may be unclaimed territory for now, Roman’s romantic history reads like a page-turner. From steamy flings with influencers to whirlwind love affairs with models, this lad has seen it all. But he’s still on the exclusive dating app Raya – reportedly.

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