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So, it turns out Collins is actually an actor who was asked to apply for MAFS three times?!

He did an ad for a hair transplant company

In tonight’s MAFS Australia episode, Collins does something not great which leads to some of the other cast members criticising his acting skills with Lauren asking, “Was he acting? It was like he was going for an Academy Award,” whilst Jayden says “There’s a lot of fake tears coming from Collins.”

But in a twist of fate, it turns out the MAFS groom actually is an actor and Collins also revealed in an interview that he’d been approached to be on MAFS Australia three times, which all seems slightly suspicious.

In an interview with Yahoo he explained: “I know people have said, ‘Oh, you’re an actor, we saw you audition last year’. I’ll come out and say right now I’ve been approached for MAFS three times and this was the one where I went all the way. The first time [the casting agent called] I got pretty far and then didn’t make it to the very end,” he revealed.


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“Last season I made it to the very end where I’ve gotten the call saying, ‘Pack your things, we’ve found you a wife, it’s time to go’. And then a week before I get told, ‘Look, Collins unfortunately your wife has pulled out’. I was really reluctant because I said, ‘I can’t be screwed around like that again. I quit my job for all of that and I can’t be screwed’,” he recalled.

“They always say, ‘We can’t give certainty, but we’re really hopeful that it will go all the way’. And here we are. I could tell that they were really keen for sure, and it was a really quick process. What they do is they say, ‘Alright, send us a form of everything that you want in a girl’ and stuff like that, and before I even sent in what I fully wanted, I got the call saying, ‘Hey Collins, we’ve found you the one.’

“People say, ‘You’re a fraud, you’re an actor, you’ve never been in a relationship, what are you doing you fool?’. It’s pure curiosity for myself. If I get the call saying, ‘We’ve found you the one’, I have to give it a go and find out.”

And it turns out Collins has previously acted in none other than a hair transplant advert.

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He shared the video on his Instagram and his comments were full of his friends congratulating him on finally making it in the acting world. The avert was shared during the World Cup and Collins played the role of Raja who is feeling a lot happier after getting a successful hair transplant.

Maybe we’ll be seeing him at the Oscars next year.

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