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MAFS Australia Jayden

From kickboxing to a shocking past, everything you need to know about MAFS groom Jayden

He has a famous brother too

Jayden Eynaud is getting the heat in tonight’s episode of MAFS Australia, and rightly so! From kickboxing to his shocking past and even MAFS alumni relatives, here’s everything you need to know about 26 year old MAFS Australia groom Jayden.

Jayden is a professional kickboxer


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Jayden works as a professional kickboxer and is also a security guard at night. Before taking part in the experiment, Jayden revealed that “work has always been his priority, with little time for love.”

He’s also a personal trainer


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Jayden also helps other achieve their body goals, and helps teach kids in the art of kickboxing.

He feels like women incorrectly label him as a ‘f*ckboy’


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Jayden feels he is perceived incorrectly by women, who often label him as a “f**kboy.” He describes himself as being a massive “softy” who just wants cuddles and is looking for someone “fit, ambitious and independent, who would be up for breaking his walls down.”

What is Jayden like in relationships?

With a professional knack for hiding his emotions and showing no pain, Jayden is used to keeping people at arm’s length.

His brother is another MAFS Australia alumni


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Yep, Jayden has another brother who was previously on MAFS Australia and it’s none other than Mitch! Jayden was very clear about differentiating himself and his behaviour from his brothers, saying that whilst Mitch is his brother and he loves him to death, “when it comes to relationships we’re very different.”

He has a shocking confession from the past

I won’t spoil it as all will be revealed on tonight’s episode, but let’s just say it involves something really weird and unexpected. If you want to know now, then find out what his shocking confession is here.

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