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Jayden reveals that Collins put on a persona whilst on MAFS Australia and was ‘two-faced’

‘He’s completely different to what he seems on TV’

At this point, Collins is annoying everyone on MAFS Australia, including fellow groom Jayden who has absolutely ripped into Collins accusing him of being “two-faced.”

In an interview with The Daily Mail Jayden didn’t hold back about his thoughts on controversial MAFS Australia groom Collins: “Nat was in a very unfortunate situation with her dad passing away, unfortunately, six weeks before the show.”


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Jayden explained how Collins seemed to care more about going back to his day job than comforting his wife. Jayden went on: “He seemed really annoyed, like, ‘Oh yeah I have to get back to work tomorrow.’ You should be worrying about your wife’s loss, and what she’s going through.”

“She should be your priority, and if she was really important to you, and if love was really important to you, then the experiment wouldn’t matter, because you can pursue the relationship on the outside.”

Jayden then revealed that Collins put on a persona on-screen and behaved completely differently when he was hanging out with the rest of the cast. “On camera, he’s always trying to do and say the right thing… whereas, in person, he’s a bloke, and he says what he wants, he doesn’t give a sh*t. He’s very outgoing… very social and… very bubbly and loud. He’s completely different to what he seems on TV,” Jayden claimed.

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