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Collins MAFS Australia audition tape

Omg, we discovered Collins’ cringe MAFS Australia audition tape and it explains a lot

He compares women’s looks to buying a used car?

We managed to find the MAFS Australia audition tape for groom Collins and let’s just say it explains a lot. The video is roughly two minutes in length and explains topics such as “Have you ever been in love?” and “Do you struggle to see beyond looks?.”

MAFS Australia groom Collins answers them all in the audition tape which takes some bizarre twists, including one section where he compares a woman’s appearance to buying a car. He also thinks being in love would be “cool” so you know he was really invested in trying to make it work. Here’s everything Collins said during his audition tape for MAFS Australia.

What’s your relationship history?

“I’ve never been in a relationship, but in terms of ‘picking up’ or whatever, man does okay. I don’t want to be all cocky and all that, but give me five minutes and I’ll reckon… I’m pretty good now at sussing out now whether they’re interested or not.

Have you been in love?

“Once. It didn’t go my way. I told her how I felt in a horrible way and yeah, she just said ‘nah we’re friends.’ It sucked! I had to leave the country I went to the United States for six weeks to get away.

Why are you single?

“I think maybe I am a bit too picky. If I’m not physically attracted to them, I almost kind of shut off the door of a potential relationship and I’m well aware that’s not good.”

Do you struggle to see beyond ‘looks?’

“Can you like everything about the car? It drives well, it’s amazing, and it looks good on the inside but the exterior you’re just not the biggest fan of. Would you buy the car still? I don’t know.”

Who are you attracted to?

“Blake Lively is the model person you could say from a physical point of view if we’re talking dream. Just your stereotypical, your blonde, your blue eyes, your just divine nose – the perfect nose, just everything.”

Do you get much attention?

“I’ve been on the apps and it has gone terribly. I swear Tinder hates me and it’s racist, I get two likes and that’s it. It’s shocking so I can’t sit here today and say ‘Oh I’m rejecting so many girls I know what I’m after,’ no that’s not the case. In this day and age, I am well aware I’m not one of the big dudes with tattoos who’s huge who just stands still and girls will come.”

Do you feel insecure about yourself?

“Sometimes very much, whether it’s physical insecurities. Tomorrow if I looked like Hemsworth, the girl that I told I fancy, would it be a different story?”

How much do you want love?

“When I MC the weddings, there is nothing more beautiful and purer than love right? It would be cool, it would be cool. And thinking about it is, well I’ve never had it. As I’ve said I’ve felt it once but it wasn’t reciprocated.”

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