Spotlight on Fatima Eshani’s Debut Comedy Hour: We Only Clap on Thursdays!

Director’s insight and audience reactions of final year medic’s stand-up show, We Only Clap on Thursdays!

Director’s Insight – Sophie Petrie

“Fatima was initially hesitant when I suggested that she should start the show by running laps around the audience to Lady Gaga’s Applause, but I was pretty insistent that it was the best way to begin. After the show, it was complimented a few times in the ADC Bar – Fatima would reply by pointing at me proudly and say ‘she came up with it!’ I knew that the high-energy start set the show off perfectly, beginning an hour (and five minute) long show in which Fatima’s hilarious personality really shone through.


The show was whiplash in the best way possible. The ending, a doctor-style rehash of the Barbie movie America Ferrera monologue, turned to Fatima’s heartbreaking realities of working in the NHS monologue overlapped by hospital sounds, to a credit reel with too many pictures of Olly Murs (two), turned to Fatima dancing onstage to Applause by Lady Gaga, but miraculously – it worked. In the ADC preview Fatima told the audience to ‘expect chaos and comedy’, and she most certainly delivered.

The entire WOCOT prod team delivered – from script editing to stage managing to tech – we really couldn’t have asked for a better, funnier, more competent group of people to work with. I’m incredibly grateful to all of them for making this show possible.

The scripting and staging processes of the show weren’t always easy. There may or may not have been some not-so-short unscheduled breaks involving karaoke duets to Replay by Iyaz, Just Dance 2014 competitions with the Tech Director, and deep dives into seven years’ worth of Fatima lore BUT it was hard work at times. Despite this, I really wouldn’t have picked anyone else to do it with, Fatima is an incredible writer and performer, and as a newbie to comedy I’ve learnt so much from her.

I hope all doctors are as personable and funny as Fatima Eshani is.”

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