McDonald’s bouncer filmed shoving numerous people leaving Leeds Beckett fresher with bruised eye

The fast-food chain said videos shared on social media show ‘only a small portion of a protracted incident’

A Leeds Beckett student says she was left with a black eye after a McDonald’s security guard shoved a man to the ground who then inadvertently tripped over the student.

The 19-year-old, who is in her first year of university, had been on a night out with her friend when she was injured in the early hours of Wednesday morning outside the city-centre McDonald’s at St Johns Centre.

The incident began after it’s claimed she was told to leave the restaurant by security guards for eating chips in the queue.

The student didn’t want to wait outside and be separated from her friend as it was 4am and feared for her safety.

Distressed she was kicked out, the student asked the security guard on numerous occasions why she had to leave. Her friend stressed this as “aggressive as she got” and that neither of them physically touched the bouncers at any stage.

After being joined outside by her 20-year-old friend Amelia, the two students say the bouncer called them “slags”.

McDonald's Leeds bouncer

Videos shared with The Leeds Tab show the two students speaking to the security guard outside the entrance of McDonald’s.

One student is heard saying: “You can’t call me a slag for no good reason.” In the video,  it appears they do not physically touch the bouncer. As they turn to walk away, the bouncer reaches out and decides to push out at one of the students.

Passersby appear to see the altercation and step between the women and the security staff.

McDonald's Leeds bouncer

Videos shared on social media then show the bouncer striking out at the same passersby. He appears to push two of them to the ground, who then knock into the students who are sitting on the pavement behind them and left one student with bruising around her eye and cheekbone.

Amelia, who was not injured in the incident told The Leeds Tab: “We want to make it clear that no one laid hands on the guy who pushed my friend.”

“The fact he was calling us ‘slags’ shows what a power trip he was on,” she added.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s said it had asked for the company who employs the security guards to “fully investigate the incident”, adding: “The video clip in question shows only a small portion of a protracted incident.”

Phoenix Security did not respond to requests for comment made by The Leeds Tab.

Taking to social media, Amelia wrote on TikTok: “The kind of stuff bouncers get away with is honestly disgusting. Regardless of the level of alcohol, he should not get away with this.

McDonald's Leeds bouncer

A picture shared with The Leeds Tab the injured student sent to friends

McDonald's Leeds bouncer

The bruising the following morning

“[This is] another representation of the stuff bouncers get away with continuously and women dealing with the repercussions.”

A spokesperson for McDonald’s told The Leeds Tab: “The safety and security of our people and customers is our absolute priority, and we have requested that the security company that employ the security guards fully investigate the incident. We understand that the video clip in question shows only a small portion of a protracted incident.”

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