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Victoria Derbyshire makes huge blunder on Newsnight discussing the unnamed BBC presenter

She quickly attempted to correct herself

Victoria Derbyshire appeared to make a significant blunder last night when discussing the unnamed BBC presenter alleged to have paid £35,000 for sexually explicit photos, according to The Sun.

The “famous” BBC presenter, who is said to be a household name, allegedly first received pictures when the young person was 17.

Amid growing pressure, the BBC suspended the presenter on Sunday but the corporation is choosing not to name him at this stage.

Last night, a lawyer speaking on behalf of the young person at the heart of the scandal said claims made by his mother to The Sun newspaper are “rubbish”.

The lawyer said “nothing inappropriate or unlawful” took place, adding the young person sent a denial to the newspaper before it published the claims on Friday night.

They wrote: “For the avoidance of doubt, nothing inappropriate or unlawful has taken place between our client and the BBC personality and the allegations reported in The Sun newspaper are rubbish.”

However, the newspaper responded: “We have reported a story about two very concerned parents who made a complaint to the BBC about the behaviour of a presenter and the welfare of their child.”Their complaint was not acted upon by the BBC.

“We have seen evidence that supports their concerns.

“It’s now for the BBC to properly investigate.”

Trying to make sense of the saga, Victoria Derbyshire presented Newsnight last night in an episode dedicated to the BBC presenter scandal.

She explained why the BBC is choosing not to name the famous presenter and the number of questions that remain unanswered.

She said: “I’ll be honest with you right now, we [the BBC] don’t know if the claims from the mother of the young person who accused the famous name of paying thousands of pounds to her child in exchange for sexual photos are true.

“Because, we – journalists who work at the BBC – haven’t seen any of the evidence The Sun says it has and we don’t know if the new claims tonight from lawyers representing the individual rubbishing what the mum has said are true either.”

She then went on to say “we do know the BBC is in the middle of a crisis and big questions are being asked” before stumbling over her words, leading her to quickly correct herself.

You can watch the awkward moment below.

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